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Welcome to Bali Travel Online, the world number one one-stop for your Bali trip advisor. For the past 38 years, we have been providing guides and making arrangements for individuals planning a visit to Bali. With the advent of the internet, we moved our service “Online” and have been operating in the cyberspace for more than 15 years now.

We have insider information on the going on in Bali, and the experience to give an informed counsel about Bali. With a network and connection that we have carefully built and maintained over our 38 years period of doing business here, we can confidently tell you that we have you covered whatever your need for visiting may be. So whether you are planning a visit for business purpose or just for fun, our Bali Travel Online is waiting for you with open arms and listening ears.

What started with a trip to Bali some 45 years ago has grown into a multinational travel advisor today. The difficulty encountered during the visit 45 years ago led the establishment of Bali travel advisor 38 years ago. Our service moved online about 15 years ago, and has continued to grow steadily, offering a broad range of services from trip guide to hotel and accommodation booking, wedding organizer, companies annual meeting organizer, etc.

We have distinguished ourselves, and have served more than 3300 million clients since, and the numbers keep climbing exponentially every day.

At Bali Travel Online, we are mindful of the difficulty associated with making a good holiday/trip plan all by yourself as well as the potential consequence of you missing out on a dream vacation.

We know that if your trip goes wrong, not only will you lose the money you have worked hard to save for the trip, but also the memory of that trip will hurt and haunt you forever. We do not wish you to suffer such fate, so we have put together the essential