“Bali, the Gateway to Heaven”

/“Bali, the Gateway to Heaven”

Seeing these sights, you know the flight is about to land at Bali airport when you see this magnificent road over the sea…The Bali-Mandara 12.7 KM road-over -water connects Nusa Dua the commercial hub to Ngurah Rai Bali Airport across the Gulf of Benoa.

Now that you have planned, purchased your ticket and landed in Bali, what next?

“Must visit place in Bali, the gateway to heaven.”

I have someone who bragged about knowing Bali like he owns the paradise. So, I took him around today to be his guide and driver. Today I have just visited this temple with my American customer. To be honest, I always marveled at the sight of the temple, but my customer’s reaction was unexpected and caught me off guard. After all, he’d claimed he knows everywhere here. His words “I lived in Bali but never here, I feel so stupid.” But I am happy, thank you for bringing me here. When we arrived, it was around 3 pm. The weather was beautiful. There were people in the donation stores; they are polite and very warm as usual. The instructed us on how many temples we can see. Overall, this complex has 7 temples. We went to the first temple. The first temple was very beautiful; the gate was magnificent with the Agung Mountain View on the opposite side. It was cool, but I wanted the client to see a different temple, which took us about 20 minutes to the second temple and another 250 minutes to the third and fourth temples. By this time, the client was overwhelmed and wanted to reserve more surprises for another visit. I obliged him, and we decided not to go to the top temple as Luhur Lempuyang as it is also a long distance and we would need to walk for about 2 hours before we get there. Moreover, we did not have enough time. The guide at the temple, a hot girl explained many things about the temple. The short way to get there is a nice breathtaking way with the view of the jungle around and my eyes beholding the magnificent views of Mount Agung. After less than 30 minutes we came to the second temple. Took a break and we continued to the next temple, the third and the fourth temple were closer together. From the fourth temple, the view is even breathtaking. “Wow,” “we’re almost in heaven, he said.” We love it so much and my clients too. We spend some little time to enjoy the view and ready to go back to the first temple. We arrived at 6 pm, and the sunset added another beautiful sight. One of the best I have ever seen.

My American client can’t stop asking about this temple, and he calls it the gateway to heaven. It is my recommendation that all tourists visiting Bali should visit this temple. The amazing sights are a memory that will trigger happiness any time you remember your trip.