The Best Travel Service – Benefits of Digital Etikettendruckerei over Traditional Printing

//The Best Travel Service – Benefits of Digital Etikettendruckerei over Traditional Printing


The practice of etikettendruckerei through the use of digital technology has a lot of advantages over the traditional approach. Through digital printing, you can get top-quality results at lesser costs as well as a host of other benefits.

The advancement in technology over the last couple of decades has driven the transformation in label printing. Processes adopted in label printing over two decades ago have been switched with newer processes that give better quality labels at a quicker rate. One of such methods that have been a cheap and very convenient method when compared to the traditional label printing techniques is digital printing.


Traditional Printing

The traditional techniques of etikettendruckerei involved the utilization of big mechanical flexography printing presses. The machines had rubber printing plates affixed to the presses with the needed design printed on the appropriate surface for the job.


Digital Printing

With digital printing, a lot of traditional printing steps are reduced with the overall process made simpler.  Digital etikettendruckerei delivers faster results and top quality finishes, does not need printing plates or dies, and more notably, a greater flexibility in the print’s color combination and design.


Faster Delivery

Due to the fact that prolonged press setups are not required, the labels are printed at a faster rate with little or no waiting time. With traditional methods, making multiple color combination prints can be time consuming and tough, but same cannot be said for digital printing.



Digital printing requires less machinery and effort in producing prints which result in a reduced total cost of printing. The implication of this is that the end user gets to pay less for each print.


With digital printing, it’s possible to get top-quality prints with artistic designs that are vibrant in appearance and rich in color. There are no gear marks and banding to reduce the print quality.