A Detailed Comparison Guide To The Question: What Is The Best Record Player?

//A Detailed Comparison Guide To The Question: What Is The Best Record Player?


Selecting the perfect record player is dependent upon a number of individual predilections. Maybe you’d rather use a belt drive than a drive player or maybe a phono preamp to increase the volume. A number of these gadgets will not have these features because they were made particularly for DJs whilst others are suitable for those who like antique records. This, however, begs the question; what is the best record player?

These are some things to look out for;


A motor will have to be set up on the record player to make the platter rotate. For a large percentage of the antique record players, the motor will be by the side of the platter and they will be joined by a flexible belt. This is referred to as the belt drive. For a more recent direct drive type, the motor will be set up beneath the platter. This makes it possible for the platter to be revolved in reverse with a hand (for DJs majorly) to make an extra sound. Generally, a belt drive will create a sound which is extremely steady and isolated. This is due to the fact that the belt helps to decrease the vibration from the motor making it act as a shock absorber, whereas, in the case of direct drive players; the motor sound will be transmitted straight to the platter.



To use a manual player, the operator will have to lift the tonearm manually and put it on the record. Automatic types are generally fewer. In the case of an automatic player, you just have to put the vinyl record on the platter and press a button. The tonearm will be raised, taken to the record and brought down on it automatically. When it is done playing, the tonearm reverts to the default position and the device goes off automatically. Manual devices give a more antique feel, although automatic players are a better option if ease is a determinant for you.