Guide to Enjoying Bali through Your Anonymous VPS

//Guide to Enjoying Bali through Your Anonymous VPS


If you are thinking of changing to an all-new anonymous VPS server, then it’s a great idea. Moving your site to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a sensible choice. Your decision may have been instigated by different scenarios. It’s possible that you’ve been on shared hosting for a long while with your website pulling in thousands of visitors. If that is the case, then the time to switch to a different hosting service is now.

Companies that provide shared hosting services promise a lot of service features such as storage and unlimited bandwidth. However, what you’ll discover after reading the finer details is that a lot of the promises do not hold water. There are limitations with every shared host and the last thing you want is for your site to be inaccessible at a time when one of your articles is going viral. You would be losing out on loads of conversions, sign ups, and a host of other things.


Rankings Depend on Page Load Times

A different situation might occur when you’re trying to optimize your website to meet the quality guidelines set by Google but your current hosting service is not up to the task. Speed is one the various on-page factors employed by Google in ranking your site. When a site takes a long while to load it will definitely not be strongly considered to rank high. Normally, there are tools that allow the optimization of load times but they are not as important as the type of web servers and hosts you’re using. The first requirement for great site load times is a good web server.


Conversions Depend on Page Load Times

It’s been proven by various studies that page load times have an effect on conversion. The more time a site takes to load, the lower the conversions. This is particularly vital for an e-Commerce site where time is of the essence. Therefore, the faster the site, the more conversions you’d get. Usually, the server in an anonymous VPS is a lot bigger with more resources allocated through more powerful hardware.