Travel Information on Crystal X for Women

//Travel Information on Crystal X for Women


A natural herbal stick, known as Crystal X, is made of organic materials and plants like piper betle leaf, extract mineral alum, curcuma xanthorriza extract, aloe vera extract, and aqua water and is specifically designed for grown women.

It is 7cm in length and 2cm in diameter. Its smooth surface makes it safe and comfortable to use for about 2 months.


Functional Ingredients

It contains natural minerals which function as an antiseptic to kill fungus, germs, and bacteria that lead to vaginal discharge, takes away the dirt on the vagina walls thereby eliminating odor, stopping the growth viruses that cause cancer, and neutralizing PH balance.

Aloe vera oil tightens and makes the vagina more flexible.

Seaweed extract supplies nutrients to the epithelial, the vagina’s skin lining, making it more sensitive and soft.


Advantages of Crystal X

  • Kills bacteria and germ
  • Heals irritation in the vaginal lining
  • Removes debris or scale from the vaginal lining
  • Assists with the elimination of odor from the vagina
  • Prevents and heals leucorrhoea/vaginal discharge
  • Activates and restores suppleness of the vaginal lining
  • Increases the sensitivity of vaginal stimulation
  • Prevents the occurrence of different types of cancer linked with female reproductive organs.
  • Gives the vagina an aroma that is more invigorating
  • Narrows the vagina to feel like a virgin’s, and adds some grip to the female reproductive organs.


How to use Crystal X

If you’ve had sex before or you’re married;

  • Add some moisture to Crystal X by adding some water
  • Insert the stick up to about 2.5 – 4cm in the vagina, then rotate it 10 times
  • Clean and keep in a dry place.

If you’re a virgin;

  • Put the stick in a dish of water then stir for 5 minutes
  • Clean the vagina and its surrounding areas with the solution
  • Clean the stick and keep in a dry place.