Visiting Bali, Tips On What to Expect

/Visiting Bali, Tips On What to Expect

For the majority of inexperienced tourists to Bali, the time-honored Images of palm fringed beaches are top of mind and probably the single biggest reason to think of buying a ticket to this paradise.

The reality is all that and more. Although these palm-fringed beaches are found, there is also the wild coastline to the west with black sand beaches and treacherous waters, and the dramatic surf beaches Bukit, aquamarine lagoons in Lembongan Island and sleepy coves in the north.

Bali, Indonesia is a tropical island in the Indonesian archipelago, is so a perfect picturesque and immaculate that it could almost be said to be a painted backdrop. With rice paddies stumble down hillsides like giant steps, long sandy beaches, volcanoes soaring up through the clouds, dense tropical jungle,  warm blue water, crashing surf and friendly people who do not just have a culture but are actually living it. Here in Bali, spirits (masquerades of course) come out to play in the open moonlight; some nights are festivals, and even funerals are opportunities to have a real time.

This Island is the perfect holiday place for all ages offers something for every class. Bali the sunny paradise has a unique mixture of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful rich past and heritage. This is still reflected in the daily lives and activities and can be seen in the many ceremonies, festivals and eye-popping palaces and temples. It has some of the best beaches in the world for surfing which are in the west of the island while the eastern side is a wonderful home for families, with gentle seas and beautiful white sand beaches.

Truly, Bali Island is an international holiday destination. It offers every standard of accommodation regardless of your budget.  It ranges from modest, yet charming bungalow-styled hotels in the lusty tropical gardens for the cost minded individual through to arguably amongst the most exclusive, expensive and sophisticated hotels in the world!

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