Working in Bali – How to Check Someone’s Background When It’s Job-Related

//Working in Bali – How to Check Someone’s Background When It’s Job-Related


There are rules stipulated by employers which must be complied with in order to legally check someone’s background when such a person is a prospective employee. One category of background data that has access restriction is credit reports. Before such information is checked, permission must have been obtained.

Other aspects of background checks could also include financial and real estate holdings, court records, police reports, driving records as well as credit reports. In order not to breach any laws, third party agencies may be the best option. This is by obtaining a written request for permission.

There are templates put in place to authorize consent to obtain personal information. You can get the person you wish to obtain information about put check signs on the consent form including all information to be checked on the form for record purposes.

Conducting the Search

A paid service can be helpful because, with a little sum of about $20, they can supply you with wholesome information about the financial and criminal history of a person.  Paid services can also be useful for business enquiries. The checks are mostly instant or obtainable within 24 business hours. Free of charge, you could simply authenticate all the information supplied on the resume and have professional references verify.

Evaluating the Results

There are laws to regulate all information which includes credit reports used in considering an applicant, particularly if such information would have an adverse effect or is the reason they do not get the job.

Rather Safe than Sorry

It is not such an easy decision to invest your time and money to check someone’s background.  Declining to carry out these checks, however, may be detrimental as criminals may have access to your resources at home or in your company.

A lot of companies, considering all of these factors now prefer to invest in checking the background of employees as part of their business practices. People also now take interest in conducting background checks on persons who come in close proximity with their relatives.